Hello there! I recently moved HowFast from Medium to Ghost, the open-source publishing platform. The reasons include Medium's "get the app", "sign up now", or "you have 4 free articles remaining" messages, that destroy the reader's experience and personally annoy me.

The existence of a self-hosted, open-source, and efficient alternative to Medium was enough to make me switch, and so far it looks really good. The interface is quite similar to Medium's, the features set is a bit bigger (ability to use my own Matomo tracking instance, or to inject any code to any page, theme customization...), and I get full control over what users see, or don't see - namely ads or "Subscribe now" messages.

Dark UI of the Ghost editor

Existing post will get migrated, and I may continue to cross-post to Medium, but blog.howfast.tech is now the place to look for new content! In the meantime, don't stop monitoring your websites and APIs with HowFast!

See you soon :)