What happens if your services AND your monitoring service are hosted on the same datacenter or AWS region, and... this region experiences a major outage?

That would be pretty bad.

To make sure you can still get notified of incidents in these emergency times, we are now offering a new feature to our HowFast Pro customers: the ability to get their services monitored from a different cloud provider, Google Cloud Platform.

This feature is still in a private beta, but feel free to contact us if you want to test it and we will be happy to switch you to the GCP monitoring source.

How it's done

To make sure you get notified even if all the AWS infrastructure experiences a major outage, we not only moved the monitoring worker (which sends periodic probes to your URLs) but also the entire mission-critical infrastructure, including the database, API, and frontend. All these services are now replicated on this separate cloud provider, meaning that the risk of missing downtime notifications is now much lower.

How to join the private beta

Just send an email at contact@howfast.tech and we'll be happy to transition you :)

If you're not already tracking your services with HowFast, discover how easy it is. Your users will appreciate :)