Transparency is something I value a lot, because it provides the data points to make informed decisions. One of the teams using HowFast to monitor their availability was considering switching to the HowFast Enterprise plan and recently asked us what our uptime was on the last few months.

I then decided to spend a couple hours building a performance dashboard to showcase our availability, which is now available at

Performance report v1

The metrics

Multiple pieces of the infrastructure are monitored for their availability:

HTTP monitoring worker: every minute, our monitoring service sends HTTP requests to all your tracked URLs to monitor their availability and response time. If for some reason the worker failed to check a monitored URL, the worker availability will drop and the graph will show it.

Frontend: to see the response time and the current status of your monitored URLs, you need to access the frontend. Even if we are still checking and recording the status of your URLs, we want you to be able to see it on

Timeseries database: this is the database storing the history of the response times.

These three graphs should allow you to get a good picture of the reliability of the service.

In the future, I might add support for the IPv6 monitoring capability, as well as response time of the website. Feel free to request any data you think would help you better measure HowFast's reliability! Check out the current report in the meantime.

If you want to get precise data about your service's availability, give HowFast a try! Free monitoring, with a check every single minute.